For more information on particular aspects of Bucknell University, contact the people listed below at the phone number shown. To reach departments not included on the list, call the main University number, 570-577-2000. All mail to Bucknell faculty and administrators may be addressed to:
Bucknell University
Department Name
1 Dent Drive
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Academic Affairs

Barbara K. Altmann, Provost, 570-577-1561
Karl Voss, Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, 570-577-3292
Patrick T. Mather, Dean, College of Engineering, 570-577-3711
Dean, College of Management, 570-577-1306


Robert G. Springall, Dean of Admissions, 570-577-3000


John P. Hardt, Director of Athletics and Recreation, 570-577-3067

Dean of Students

Amy A. Badal, Dean of Students, 570-577-1601

Finance and Administration

David J. Surgala, Vice President for Finance and Administration, 570-577-3811
Financial Services, 570-577-1138
Bursar Services, 570-577-3733

Financial Aid

Andrea C.A. Leithner Stauffer, Director of Financial Aid, 570-577-1331

Graduate Studies

Robert M. Midkiff Jr., Dean of Graduate Studies, 570-577-3655

Registrar's Office

Robert M. Midkiff Jr., Registrar, 570-577-1201

Summer Session

Robert M. Midkiff Jr., Dean of Summer Session, 570-577-3655