African-American Studies Minor

The African-American experience is directly and inextricably embedded in the history and culture of the United States. As an interdisciplinary field, African-American Studies is concerned with the systematic investigation of the history, culture, political economy, literature, art, and languages of people of African descent in the United States and their contributions to the United States and to the world. The African-American Studies minor is a way of educating all students about black experiences and developing in them an understanding and appreciation of the life and history of peoples of African ancestry in the United States, and thus move toward a more comprehensive view of life and history in the United States generally.

By offering students opportunities to gain knowledge of this history and experience, an African-American Studies minor affirms black identity and heritage, fosters understanding, respect, and appreciation of diversity, and better prepares students for life in a multicultural society.

The interdisciplinary structure of the African-American Studies minor offers students directed toward the professions and graduate schools an opportunity to satisfy the increasingly rigorous expectations of admissions committees and prospective employers for a broad liberal arts perspective that complements specialized knowledge. African-American Studies provide a background for those considering careers in education, journalism, law, business management, public service, psychology, social work, and literature.

The interdepartmental minor in African-American Studies consists of five courses that must be taken in three different disciplines. A minimum of four courses must be selected from the following list. In consultation with the coordinators of the minor, students may count one course from either the African Studies or Caribbean Studies list.

ENGL 206Early American National Literature1
ENGL 209Modern American Literature 1900-19501
ENGL 210Special Topics in Creative Writing1
ENGL 211Southern Exposure1
ENGL 213Special Topics in American Literature1
ENGL 217Studies in Dramatic Literature1
ENGL 219Studies in Selected American Authors (The Novels of Toni Morrison)1
ENGL 219Studies in Selected American Authors (Art of Darkness)1
ENGL 221African-American Literature1
ENGL 221African-American Literature (Twenty-first-century African-American Novels)1
ENGL 286The Modern Novel1
ENGL 306US: Fever/Fantasy/Desire1
ENGL 321Seminar in African-American Literature1
HIST 121Introduction to African-American History I1
HIST 122Introduction to African-American History II1
HIST 218African-Americans and the American Revolution1
HIST 219Antebellum America1
HIST 223Twentieth-century African-American History: Eyes on the Prize1
HIST 319African-American History1
LING 210Language and Race1
PSYC 233Black Psychology1
PSYC 373Psychology of Race and Gender1
RELI 219Contemporary Religion: Race, Gender, and Sexuality1
SOCI 213Race in Historical and Comparative Perspectives1
SOCI 280Twentieth-century Afro-Caribbean and African-American Thought1


Co-Coordinator: Leslie C. Patrick, T. Joel Wade