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EDUCĀ 101. Social Foundation of Education. 1 Credit.

Offered Both Fall and Spring; Lecture hours:3
Historical, economic, philosophical, and social foundations of education, and their implications for present-day education in America. Provides a background of information for the prospective teacher and citizen. Not open to seniors.

Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (CLAS)

...A broad liberal arts education and training in...and Advanced sequences GREK 101 , GREK 102 , GREK...

Education (EDUC)

The Education Department works to prepare students for prominent roles as public intellectuals. We seek to cultivate citizens who are broadly educated, thoughtful, and committed to lifelong learning as a means to better themselves and society. Our blend of social sciences and professional preparation coursework is theoretically grounded and presents educational issues within social contexts that are diverse and evolving. Graduates will use their capacity for self-reflection and ethical reasoning to respond creatively to challenges encountered in their personal and professional lives.

Theatre and Dance (THDN)

...or without optional THEA 101 / THEA 102 quarter...their individual needs and educational goals. Learning Goals...

Additional Funds

...The BEAA Transformative Engineering Education Fund was established...The John Miller MG 101 Program Endowment was...

Art History (ARTH)

...level or above. ARTH 101 World Art parentheses reflect related Educational Goals of Bucknell...