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EDUCĀ 315. Senior Thesis. 1 Credit.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:3
Senior thesis. Prerequisites: permission of the instructor and department.

Education (EDUC)

The Education Department works to prepare students for prominent roles as public intellectuals. We seek to cultivate citizens who are broadly educated, thoughtful, and committed to lifelong learning as a means to better themselves and society. Our blend of social sciences and professional preparation coursework is theoretically grounded and presents educational issues within social contexts that are diverse and evolving. Graduates will use their capacity for self-reflection and ethical reasoning to respond creatively to challenges encountered in their personal and professional lives.

Computer Engineering (CPEG)

...Program Educational Objectives Bucknell's broad, liberal education...ECEG 472 , or CSCI 315 . [4] Concentration Electives...

Physics & Astronomy (PHAS)

...focus of a liberal education because of its...the combination of PHYS 315 Experimental Biophysics and...

Linguistics (LING) seminar, either LING 315 Advanced Syntax , parentheses reflect related Educational Goals of Bucknell...