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HEBR 101. Beginning Modern Hebrew. 1 Credit.

Offered Fall Semester Only; Lecture hours:3,Other:1
Introduction to modern Hebrew. Practice in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, elementary grammar and introduction to Israeli culture.

Hebrew (HEBR)

Modern Hebrew is the language of the State of Israel and a key to understanding modern Jewish culture and the Middle East. Hebrew language courses at Bucknell begin with HEBR 101 , which assumes no previous knowledge of the language and is conducted partially in English. As we progress toward HEBR 104 , students immerse themselves in the language and develop the four language skills – reading, speaking, listening, and writing. By the end of HEBR 104 , students are able to communicate in solid basic Hebrew. These courses also aspire to introduce students to basic concepts and facts of Israeli culture, which are integrated into the study of the language from the very outset through music, videos, games, and readings. Hebrew language courses are complemented by courses given in English on Israeli literature, history, and culture. Hebrew language and Israeli culture courses satisfy some of the requirements for the Jewish Studies minor. Students with Hebrew proficiency often continue to graduate school in Jewish or Near Eastern Studies, and often develop careers in business and government service where knowledge of Hebrew is an asset.