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RUSS 204. Russian Conversation. .5 Credits.

Offered Both Fall and Spring; Lecture hours:2
Concentrated development of speaking skill. Conducted entirely in Russian by a native speaker. Intended for students enrolled in 200- and 300-level courses. This course cannot be taken more than twice.

Russian Studies (RUSS)

Studying Russian, the fifth most widely spoken language in the world, becomes especially important at the present time when Russia is becoming an essential partner in global politics, economy, and issues of the environment. By developing students’ language skills and expanding their knowledge of Russian culture and society, the Russian Studies program strives to make students active participants in the multicultural, global community. Because Russian is one of the less-frequently taught languages, a major in Russian can become a unique and decisive factor in students’ future careers in law, business, journalism, international affairs, academia, and public and government services. The faculty of the Russian Studies program believes that even with a mastery of Russian grammar, real communication is still impossible unless students become familiar with Russian culture and society and the life experiences of Russians. For that reason the Russian Studies program offers courses in literature, culture, film, and Russian society (both in Russian and English).