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ACFM 372. Advanced Corporate Finance. 1 Credit.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:3
Students integrate principles and strategies from accounting, statistics, finance, and economics to begin to understand complex financial topics including mergers and acquisitions, valuation, financing, risk management, and corporate governance. Students will also draw from psychology, history, economics, and other disciplines to understand and model the behavior of financial markets.

Curricula Overview ACFM 357 Auditing and Assurance, ACFM 359 Advanced Seminar in Accounting, ACFM 372 Advanced...

Accounting and Financial Management (ACFM)

Accounting and financial management are becoming progressively more complicated. Thus accounting and financial management require sophisticated thinking as international differences, regulatory requirements, and the turbulent business environment all place new demands on those who are responsible for the efficient use of capital. We believe that a program to train professionals for this kind of world will look somewhat different from traditional programs. To succeed in this uncertain environment, financial services professionals need more than just a basic grasp of analytical tools and conventions. They need to be able to look at the broader economic and political contexts in which financial decisions are made. They must be able to make decisions under conditions of varying uncertainty. That’s why we have chosen to blur the lines between accounting and finance. That’s why the courses that we teach focus on decision-making and judgment. That’s why we spend time exploring the political dynamics that produce accounting standards. Our goal is to ground students in concepts and principles that will ensure their ability to grow professionally.