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GLBM 400. Global Manager Abroad. 1 Credit.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:3
Students conduct independent studies analyzing a foreign venture of interest. Students interact with persons, foreign and/or domestic, who have experience with the venture. Students must demonstrate their understanding of: organizations as a global phenomenon, the global system, a specific region or country, and their emerging skill as a global manager.

Global Management (GLBM)

All management has become global management. No organization can flourish without managers who can understand the importance of developments beyond the borders of their home country, devise effective strategies to respond to the challenges of global competition, and understand the intricacies endemic to the global flow of capital and goods. The Global Management (GLBM) program offers students an opportunity to learn more about the international dimension of business and to prepare for careers in various sectors of the global economy. Courses in the GLBM program will sensitize students to the changing institutional landscape, the increasingly complex flows of goods, talent, and capital, and the international differences that influence organizational and managerial success. Students will also take relevant courses in other parts of the University, gaining insights into the political and economic dynamics of the global system and acquiring the linguistic and cultural understanding necessary to function in other countries. Graduates of this program will have the necessary skills, knowledge, and judgment to adapt to and manage effectively in an increasingly global business environment.

Curricula Overview

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