College Major (COLL)

Whereas most majors are based upon a field of study and primarily emphasize mastery of the subject, the college major does not require competence in only one academic discipline, but focuses instead upon the overall intellectual development of the individual student. In so doing, it offers maximum freedom in meeting educational interests, but at the same time imposes unusual responsibility for designing a coherent program. In cooperation with their advisers, an acceptable course of study is prepared. They also must complete a senior project which will integrate the diverse material they have studied. This project is planned not later than the final months of the junior year.

To register as a college major, students must prepare a detailed statement of educational goals, projecting a series of courses for the ensuing semester and providing a rationale for their program. This statement must be endorsed in writing by three faculty members, one of whom will initially become the student’s adviser. At registration for each succeeding semester, another proposal specifying courses for that term must be submitted to the adviser and the associate dean. Admission to the college major program after five semesters of study requires approval of the associate dean. Additional information about the college major can be obtained from the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.