Freeman College of Management

The Freeman College of Management is a learning community committed to understanding organizations, analyzing them rigorously, and devising creative and morally responsible solutions to the challenges they face. Having benefited from an innovative undergraduate curriculum integrating professional and liberal education, our graduates possess strong technical skills as well as the judgment, vision and integrity necessary to serve society and their professions.

Management education at Bucknell is distinguished by the connections we make between management and the other disciplines studied at the University (breadth), our long-standing commitment to learning by doing (experience), and the opportunities we provide for interaction with alumni and other industry professionals whose stories enrich our learning (relevance). All of this occurs in Bucknell’s immersive campus culture, which encourages close collaborations among students and faculty (community). These qualities – breadth, experience, relevance and community – produce graduates easily distinguished from those of traditional business schools.

Our graduates are actively recruited by leading organizations, including the foremost public accounting and financial services firms, consumer products, fashion and media companies, and a diverse range of entrepreneurial, government and nonprofit organizations. After working for several years, many BSBA graduates successfully complete MBA programs or pursue Ph.D.’s, law degrees and other advanced programs of study. Management education not only prepares students to become managers, but also fits them to be citizens in a society shaped by the actions of complex organizations.

Bucknell’s business degree programs, offered under the aegis of the Freeman College of Management, are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).