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ASTR 301. Astrophysics. 1 Credit.

Offered Alternating Spring Semester; Lecture hours:3
An introduction to general astrophysics covering mechanics of orbiting bodies, radiation laws, stellar spectra, stellar atmospheres, the internal constitution of stars, stellar energy, galaxies, and cosmology. Prerequisites: PHYS 222 and MATH 212, or permission of the instructor. Crosslisted as PHYS 301.

Astronomy (ASTR)

Astronomy courses are taught by the faculty in Physics & Astronomy . We offer courses both for non-science majors ( ASTR 101 and ASTR 102 ) and students in natural science, mathematics, and engineering degree programs ( ASTR 201 and ASTR 301 ).

Physics & Astronomy (PHAS)

...specialized coursework in ASTR 201 and ASTR 301 (cross-listed as PHYS 301 ). This concentration...