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CSCIĀ 208. Programming Language Design. 1 Credit.

Offered Spring Semester Only; Lecture hours:3,Lab:2
Study of modern programming language paradigms (procedural, functional, logic, object-oriented). Introduction to the design and implementation of programming languages including syntax, semantics, data types and structures, control structures, run-time environments. Prerequisite: CSCI 205 or permission of the instructor.

Computer Science (CSCI)

The undergraduate programs in computer science stress fundamental principles of computational thinking, including solid theoretical underpinnings, computational methods and models for solving problems, principles for designing computing systems to meet human needs, and techniques for analyzing the effectiveness of these methods, models, and systems. They provide students with the conceptual foundation needed to stay at the front of this fast-changing field. For most courses, classroom learning is enhanced through significant faculty-directed, hands-on experience, typically in the form of a regularly scheduled laboratory.