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FRENĀ 101. Discovering French. 1 Credit.

Offered Both Fall and Spring; Lecture hours:3,Recitation:1
Beginning language skills. Practice in listening, speaking, reading, and writing; elementary grammar; and introduction to French civilization. Prerequisite: no more than two years of secondary school French or permission of the instructor.

French and Francophone Studies (FREN)

The French major is a rigorous and interdisciplinary major consisting of nine courses. The major is best seen as a progression of linguistic-cultural study organized in four stages. The 100-level courses focus on language proficiency in cultural context. The 200-level courses consolidate language skills while beginning a more interdisciplinary study of French and Francophone literatures and cultures. A year or semester in France provides direct experience in the French culture. The 300-level courses focus on specific critical approaches to topics in literature, civilization, and cultural studies.