Academic Requirements

Minimum requirements for various course areas as they relate to prospective major and non-major studies include:

Requirements for All Applicants

Students should strive to take 5 core classes each year with the minimum requirements per subject area listed below:

4 years of English/language arts

3 years of college preparatory mathematics

3 years of science

3 years of history/social studies

2 years of a foreign language (in the same language) in secondary school. American Sign Language counts toward this requirement. Please note that coursework taken before the ninth grade does not count toward the two-year requirement.

Exceptions to the above may be made at the discretion of the dean of admissions or Admissions Committee.


Requirements in Mathematics

Students planning to take calculus at Bucknell University, including all students majoring in mathematics, science, engineering, accounting, business analytics or economics, are required to have additional preparation, including a year of precalculus, and preferably, calculus. The term "college preparatory mathematics" denotes a logical sequence of topics, including algebra and geometry, with emphasis on basic concepts and principles of deductive reasoning. The term "precalculus" denotes the study of polynomial, rational, trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions. The term "calculus" denotes the study of transcendental functions; interpretation, significance and calculation of a derivative; and introduction to the definite integral.

Requirements in the Sciences for Engineering Applicants

Engineering applicants are required to have one year of either chemistry or physics, however, Bucknell strongly recommends a minimum of three years of science, including both chemistry and physics.

Bachelor of Arts in Music or Bachelor of Music Applicants

Students who are applying to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Music or a Bachelor of Music degree must complete a two-part screening and audition process. Information regarding the materials required for the screening process, as well as deadlines and general notification and registration guidelines, are available at