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ACFM 381. Derivatives. 1 Credit.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:3
This course focuses on the use of derivative securities, particularly listed stock and index options, to shape the risk and return characteristics of a well-diversified portfolio. Prerequisites: (MATH 192 or MATH 201 or MATH 216) and (ACFM 203 or ACFM 210) or by permission of the instructor.

Finance (FINA)
Finance majors will experience the best of theoretical, applied, technical and behavioral finance across a broad range of courses. The foundation of their knowledge will be built in core finance and accounting classes, after which they will choose from a range of electives, including courses in the practical application of derivatives, behavioral finance, ESG investing, financial statement analysis, entrepreneurial finance and global finance. Students can also enroll in additional accounting, economics and math courses to support their finance curriculum. Finance majors will also draw upon everything an excellent liberal arts university has to offer in applying a critical lens to solving questions of capital deployment. Students also receive first-hand experience with company finance via the Freeman College of Management’s MGMT 101 course.