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BMEG 300. Biotransport I. 1 Credit.

Offered Spring Semester Only; Lecture hours:3,Lab:2
First biotransport course. Fluid mechanics principles applied to biological systems and medical devices. Properties of biological fluids, energy and momentum balances, computational modeling. Prerequisite: MATH 212. Not open to students who have taken CHEG 300, ENGR 222, or ENGR 233. Open to biomedical engineering majors only.

Biomedical Engineering (BMEG)

The biomedical engineering department is dedicated to providing the best possible undergraduate biomedical curricula to meet the full range of needs of a highly selective undergraduate student body. The program is designed to ensure that our students are qualified to enter and succeed in the biomedical engineering profession through direct entry to the industrial workplace or further professional study. The department strives to achieve a process of continuous improvement of the curricula, provide a faculty that is professionally current in their field, and to maintain state-of-the-art facilities.

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