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CBST 302. Contemporary Africa & Colonial Pasts: Investments and Re-Emergences. 1 Credit.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:3
Globalized investment, oil extraction, Oprah and Bono-endorsed RED products, a rising middle class: This course addresses contemporary political economy, meanings of 'the continent', and colonial legacy in Africa. We draw on human geography, African history, postcolonial and feminist studies, and literature to understand a rapidly changing continent. Crosslisted as GEOG 302.

Critical Black Studies (CBST)
Critical Black studies is devoted to the critical examination of the artistic, historical, literary, political and theoretical developments of the global Black experience. As a discipline, critical Black studies explores racial blackness and its relationship to the making of the modern world. It is a discipline that continues to grow out of the Black freedom struggle and is therefore committed to rigorous scholarship, community development, and ethical responsibility grounded in the histories and lived experience of Black people.