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CHEGĀ 230. Chem-E Car Design. .25 Credits.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:Varies,Other:2; Repeatable
The Chem-E Car Competition challenges interdisciplinary teams to design, build, and compete with a shoe box sized vehicle that must travel a specified distance carrying a specific load in under two minutes and stop closest to the finish line. Student teams will compete against each other in this lab.

CHEMĀ 230. Principles of Chemistry 2. 1 Credit.

Offered Spring Semester Only; Lecture hours:3,Other:4
Quantitative topics in chemistry including chemical equilibria, especially acid-base chemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, and separations. Especially appropriate for life-science students. Prerequisite: CHEM 203, or CHEM 205, or CHEM 207.