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ECON 259. Intermediate Mathematical Microeconomics. 1 Credit.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:3
Intermediate microeconomic theory of the consumer, the firm, market structures, and resource allocation. Topics are introduced using differential calculus. Not open to students who have completed ECON 256. Prerequisites: ECON 103 and MATH 192 or MATH 201.

Economics (ECON)

The study of economics, as with the other social sciences, attempts to explain various types of human behavior and the impact that society’s institutions have in determining that behavior. Of particular interest are the forces that determine an economy’s production, employment, distribution of income, poverty, and international economic relationships.

Mathematical Economics (MECO)

...College Core Curriculum (CCC). ECON 257 Intermediate Macroeconomic and ECON 259 Intermediate Mathematical Microeconomics address...