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ENST 100. Introduction to Environmental Studies. 1 Credit.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:3
A survey of environmental issues intended for non-majors. Students will understand the cultural, political, historical, economic and ethical complexities of environmental problems and their responses. Intended for first-year students and sophomores. Does not count toward either the Environmental Studies or Environmental Science major.

Environmental Studies & Sciences (ENST)
Environmental studies & sciences is the interdisciplinary examination of how natural sciences, policy studies, social sciences, humanities and engineering combine to inform inquiry of humanity’s effects on and interrelationships with the natural world. This department educates the student to identify, analyze and respond to complex environmental issues by working with communities and experts in many fields. With a major in environmental studies, students have the latitude to create a course of study in an area of specialization and to develop a breadth of interdisciplinary and methodological knowledge in diverse environmental fields.