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MATH 216. Statistics I. 1 Credit.

Offered Both Fall and Spring; Lecture hours:3,Other:1
Exploratory data analysis, sampling and experimental designs, sampling distributions and confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, least squares regression and applications. Statistical software is used and a semester long project with real data is undertaken. Not open to students who have MATH 226, MATH 227, ENGR 226 or PSYC 215 credit.

Mathematics (MATH)
Mathematics has long been the language of the natural sciences and has been studied for its own sake since ancient times. Statistics is the foundational tool for understanding and analyzing data from a wide variety of sources and also an area of active research in its own right. An understanding of the basics of calculus, statistics and linear algebra has become a requirement for proficiency in many of the social sciences. The study of mathematics or statistics has rewards because accomplishment in the subjects, even at a relatively elementary level, requires and promotes clarity of both thought and expression. For many, the study of mathematics offers entrance into an exciting world of challenges where beauty and utility coexist in balanced harmony. The study of statistics is the bridge between data and understanding and offers insights otherwise unobtainable.