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MATH 320. Abstract Algebra I. 1 Credit.

Offered Both Fall and Spring; Lecture hours:3
Groups and rings; homomorphisms and isomorphism theorems; history of the development of algebra. Additional selected topics. Prerequisites: MATH 245 and MATH 280.

Mathematics (MATH)

Mathematics has long been the language of the natural sciences and has been studied for its own sake since ancient times. An understanding of the basics of calculus, statistics, and linear algebra has become a requirement for proficiency in many of the social sciences. The study of mathematics has its own rewards because accomplishment in the subject, even at a relatively elementary level, requires and promotes clarity of both thought and expression. For many, the study of mathematics offers entrance into an exciting world of challenges where beauty and utility coexist in balanced harmony.

Computer Engineering (CPEG)

...MATH 240 and MATH 280 instead of MATH...Systems Concentration electives: CSCI 320 Computer Architecture , CSCI...

Geology & Environmental Geosciences (GEOL)

...Research and/or GEOL 320 Undergraduate Research . six additional science/math courses: 1 CHEM...