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MECH 222. Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Lab Practice. .5 Credits.

Offered Fall Semester Only; Lecture hours:1,Lab:2
Sensors, measurement techniques for static and dynamic measurements, data processing, statistical data analysis, propagation of error, technical report preparation. Corequisite: ECEG 205 and MECH 222L or permission of the department. Prerequisites: MATH 202 and MECH 220.

Mechanical Engineering (MECH)

The discipline of mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals predominantly with the conversion, transmission, and storage of mechanical and thermal energy; the generation, transmission, and control of forces; the production and regulation of mechanical motion; and the optimal use of materials in the design and fabrication of the requisite machines and mechanisms.

Electrical Engineering (ELEC)

...Equations Science Course: PHYS 222 Wave Mechanics and...of Materials , or either MECH 220 Mechanics or...