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MIDEĀ 304. Marketing Management. 1 Credit.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:3
Integrating learned knowledge, students practice making marketing-related decisions through case analysis of various business scenarios. The predominant emphasis is on drawing together disciplinary experiences and providing a more coherent appreciation of the major's academic discipline. The educational goals of the class focus on critical, analytical, and synthetic thinking.

Markets, Innovation & Design (MIDE)

The Markets, Innovation, & Design (MIDE) program will expose students to the orchestration, design, logic, and strategy underlying organizationsā€™ key marketing practices. The MIDE program will highlight the complex interplay that takes place between market research/analysis of consumer-product relationships and the strategic management of the marketing mix or brands. Students pursuing the MIDE program will augment their core understanding of management functions with an interdisciplinary examination of some of the creative, analytical, and technical processes that combine to generate ideas and transform them into images, products, and services that powerfully shape our culture.

Curricula Overview

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