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MORS 400. Management Consulting. 1 Credit.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:Varies,Other:3
This course exposes students to principles and practices of management consulting. Students develop, organize and manage significant community-based projects that involve multiple stakeholder groups toward reaching future goals. Students must integrate knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences that they have accumulated during their college experience. Prerequisites: MORS 201 and MORS 202.

Management & Organizations (MORS)
To ensure a continued focus on shared goals and values, responsible decision-making, coordinated action, and wise and sustainable resource use, organizations need individuals who have learned to lead and manage a wide variety of organizational activities. Bucknell students majoring in Management and Organizations (MORS) will have numerous opportunities to apply theories of managing and organizing to real-world challenges similar to those they’ll encounter in their lives after graduation. Through experiential and reflective means, MORS majors will gain a broad perspective on organizational forms in various sectors (i.e., private, public, non-profit, cross-sectoral and hybrid). They will learn to think in an integrated, systemic, and strategic manner, and will gain skills in communication and coordination, stakeholder management, organizational politics, leadership, negotiations, and employee motivation and behavior. MORS graduates will be well-prepared to establish and lead organizations or organizational units; they will have further developed their abilities to empathize and to creatively conceive of productive approaches to dealing with challenges. Moreover, MORS students will learn about sustainability, as managers of all kinds of organizations need to understand sustainability challenges so that they can be prepared to lead their organizations in doing their part to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. MORS Majors are able to complete the requirements of the major in various ways. In addition to the completion of the MORS Core Curriculum ( MORS 201 ,  MORS 202  and  MORS 400 ), students, in consultation with their academic adviser, can define a bundle of five electives that constitutes an intellectual identity in management and organizations. Alternatively, they can complete one of several defined concentrations: Entrepreneurship Global Management Human Resource Management Managing for Sustainability