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MSUS 400. Consulting for Sustainability. 1 Credit.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:3,Other:3
This action research course exposes students to principles of organization development and change. Students draw on and integrate knowledge, skills, and experiences gained from core, major, and relevant CCC courses. In teams, students develop, organize, and manage significant projects that further key sustainability goals and involve multiple stakeholders.

Managing for Sustainability (MSUS)

Sustainability has emerged as one of the foremost challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. All organizations, from businesses to governments to civic organizations, seek to generate value with finite resources. We have a deep need to recognize that economic sustainability can be achieved in the long term only by realigning business models and strategies to become ecologically and socially sustainable. MSUS graduates should not only understand the managerial challenges to realizing sustainability but also possess the courage and passion for achieving sustainable environmental, social, and economic goals. Students’ knowledge and managerial competence should grow through studying theories and concepts from a range of relevant disciplines, engaging in experiential learning, dissecting key organizational successes and failures, crafting oral and written reflections, and honing analytical abilities with multiple types of data. By building our students’ awareness of sustainability issues on all levels – from local to global – our program strives to develop the managers that organizations need to meet the sustainability challenge.

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