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PHYS 211. Classical and Modern Physics I. 1 Credit.

Offered Fall Semester Only; Lecture hours:2,Other:5
The first course in a two-course sequence that surveys major areas of physics. Topics include Newtonian mechanics, relativity, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, and gravity. Corequisite: MATH 201.

Physics & Astronomy (PHAS)
Physics is the fundamental science of the natural world. The study of physics and astronomy leads to a deeper appreciation and awareness of the world around us. From the quantum mechanical behavior at the smallest scale, to the workings of the cosmos at the largest scale, physics consists of a few general principles that explain a vast range of phenomena. Coursework in physics leads to an understanding of these phenomena and gives students experience in abstract mathematical modeling as well as experimental and computational techniques. As a means to enhance the physics curriculum, research opportunities in astronomy and physics are available and strongly encouraged.