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PSYC 300. Infancy. 1 Credit.

Offered Spring Semester Only; Lecture hours:3
Advanced seminar on human infancy as viewed from cognitive, developmental, and evolutionary psychology. Includes implications for infant survival and early education. Prerequisites: PSYC 204 or PSYC 207 or PSYC 248 or PSYC 252 or PSYC 266 and permission of the instructor. Crosslisted as PSYC 600.

Psychology (PSYC)

The science of psychology investigates human and animal behavior, cognition, and emotion by analyzing the complex interactions among environmental, social, cultural, and biological influences. Students are trained in scientific methods and different theoretical perspectives in a variety of areas of psychology: physiological psychology, neuropsychology, sensation and perception, cognition, learning, child and adult development, social psychology, personality, health psychology, abnormal psychology, and animal behavior. In short, psychology seeks to explain and understand how and why people and animals think and behave in the ways they do.

Neuroscience (NEUR)

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Animal Behavior (ANBE)

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