Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Majors

Candidates for the BSBA degree must fulfill all University degree requirements including the Freeman College of Management General Education Curriculum, the Freeman College Core, and the major program requirements. All BSBA major programs require the completion of 32 credits. Students must maintain good academic standing as defined for their class.

Freeman College of Management General Education Curriculum

Consistent with the Freeman College of Management’s commitment to its graduates receiving a strong liberal education, all candidates for the BSBA degree must fulfill a sequence of general education classes taken in the College of Arts & Sciences. Details of the Freeman College of Management General Education Curriculum can be found here.

The General Education Curriculum includes a Culminating Experience component. BSBA candidates typically fulfill this requirement by taking one of the following courses at Bucknell:

ACFM 327 Auditing & Assurance

ACFM 363 Topics in Financial Management

ACFM 364 Topics in Financial Markets

ACFM 420 Accounting Seminar

ACFM 476 Student Managed Investment Fund II

ANOP 400 Business Analytics Practicum

GLBM 400 Global Manager Abroad

MGMT 304 The Strategic Organization

MGMT 400 Management Consulting

MIDE 304 Marketing Management

MSUS 400 Consulting for Sustainability

In most cases, candidates will take more than one of these courses to satisfy degree requirements. In addition, all BSBA candidates take courses that address the instruction in writing, speaking and information literacy goals of the General Education Core.

To satisfy the University writing requirement, a student must successfully complete three writing courses: one course designated W1 (that must be taken during the first year and must be taken before the W2 courses), and two W2 courses (usually taken after the first year, but in any case, at least one of which must be taken after the first year). Lists of W1 and W2 courses are available from the registrar’s office webpage under Course Information. Writing courses are designed to enhance the student’s understanding of the writing process and to emphasize that writing is a way of learning as well as a communication skill. They may be taken in any department, program or college.

Major declaration

In the spring of their sophomore year, all BSBA students will, in consultation with their advisers, select a major from one of the Freeman College of Management departments. Students must complete the specific major requirements in addition to the Freeman College core curriculum requirements to fulfill graduation requirements. Students will receive approval for a change of major within the Freeman College of Management if they can demonstrate the ability to meet the degree requirements of the new major without delaying their graduation date.

Students may not double major in two different departments within the Freeman College of Management. Details on the seven areas of study can be found here.

Double Majors and/or Minors in the College of Arts & Sciences

Occasionally, a BSBA candidate will undertake a double major with a field in the College of Arts & Sciences. Similarly, students may pursue a departmental or interdepartmental minor if the student meets all obligations of the program selected within the required eight semesters. (Declaration of a second major or minor can be completed through the Office of the Registrar; second majors are subject to University academic policy concerning degrees and majors.)

Internal Transfer Into the BSBA Degree Program

Enrollment in the BSBA degree program is limited to students who were admitted directly into the Freeman College of Management at the time of their initial application to Bucknell.