Bachelor of Science in Engineering & Bachelor of Management

The five-year program in engineering and management offers students the opportunity to combine the study of engineering in any of the engineering degree programs with a selected sequence of courses in management. Upon successful completion of this program, the joint degree, the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree (within a specific engineering discipline), and the Bachelor of Management for Engineers degree is awarded. The degree has the same accreditation status as the four-year Bachelor of Science degree in the engineering program selected. See Bachelor of Management for Engineers for specific course requirements.

Enrollment in the Bachelor of Management for Engineers program is limited to first-time, first-year students who are admitted directly into the program at the time of their initial application to Bucknell. All students interested in the five-year Engineering/Management program must apply for admission to Bucknell through the College of Engineering. The Freeman College of Management does not offer an internal transfer process, so students admitted in either the College of Arts & Sciences or the College of Engineering may not transfer into the Freeman College of Management. Prospective students interested in pursuing this five-year degree program are encouraged to consult with the associate dean of engineering as admission to this joint degree program is competitive due to the limited number of spots available each year.

Suggested course sequences for the program and detailed information on the degree requirements are available from the Office of the Dean of Engineering and the Freeman Office of Student Support.