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ASTR 201. Observational Astrophysics. 1 Credit.

Offered Alternating Fall Semester; Lecture hours:2,Other:2
This course covers spherical astronomy and observational techniques, and applications of physics to solar system objects, stars, stellar evolution, galaxies, and cosmology. Some night observing required. Laboratories focus on observational techniques and data reduction. Prerequisite: PHYS 212 or PHYS 212E.

Astronomy (ASTR)

Astronomy courses are taught by the faculty in Physics & Astronomy . We offer courses both for non-science majors ( ASTR 101 and ASTR 102 ) and students in natural science, mathematics, and engineering degree programs ( ASTR 201 and ASTR 301 ).

Physics & Astronomy (PHAS)

...physics along with specialized coursework in ASTR 201 and ASTR 301 (cross-listed as PHYS...