Astronomy (ASTR)

Astronomy courses are taught by the faculty in Physics & Astronomy. We offer courses both for non-science majors (ASTR 101 and ASTR 102) and students in natural science, mathematics, and engineering degree programs (ASTR 201 and ASTR 301).


Professors: Jack F. Gallimore, Sally Koutsoliotas, Edwin F. Ladd, Thomas H. Solomon (Chair), Brian C. Utter, Katharina Vollmayr-Lee

Associate Professors: Katelyn Allers, Jiajia Dong, Martin K. Ligare, Michele D. Thornley, Benjamin P. Vollmayr-Lee

Assistant Professors: A. Matthew Amthor, Deepak Iyer, Ibrahim A. Sulai

Visiting Assistant Professors: Joshua Cooperman, Hava Turkakin