Legal Studies Minor

The legal studies minor requires at least five courses, one course from each of the five categories listed below. No more than three of these courses may be in a single department. Courses applied to the legal studies minor may not also be applied to a student’s major. One course credit earned off campus may be used to meet a requirement for this minor. 

1. Case Law

ACFM 201Business Law1
ENST 295Topics in Environmental Studies (Only sections titled "Environmental Law")1
IREL 255/POLS 278International Law1
POLS 241Constitutional Law: Civil Rights1
POLS 242Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties1
RELI 262Islamic Law 1
RELI 279Judaism and Law1
RELI 280/POLS 247Religion and Constitutional Law1
RELI 321Introduction to Jewish Law1

2. Law & Social Science

CBST 280Race, Violence & Incarceration1
ECON 330Law and Economics1
POLS 240The American Congress1
POLS 244American Judicial Politics1
POLS 375Analyzing Legislatures1
SOCI 229Law and Society1
SOCI 234Criminology1
SOCI 239Deviance and Identity1
SOCI 251Violence and Society1
SOCI 341Seminar in Law and Society1
WMST/SOCI 332Women and the Penal System1

3. Legal Theory

CBST 271Politics of Anti-Blackness1
ENLS 101Literature and Composition (Only sections titled "Law and Literature")1
PHIL 100Introduction to Philosophy (Only sections titled "Law, Morality, and Society")1
PHIL 246Philosophy of Law1
POLS 260Topics in Legal Thought1
POLS 263Race and Ethnicity in American Legal Thought1
POLS 362American Constitutional Theory1

4. Ethics

ENST 255Environmental Injustice and Activism1
PHIL 213Ethics1
PHIL 214Social and Political Philosophy1
PHIL 228Contemporary Ethical Theory1
PHIL 274Bioethics1
POLS 210Political Theory1
POLS 256Topics in Social and Political Ethics1
POLS 257Ethics and Public Policy1
POLS 364Justice and Public Policy1
RELI 100Introduction to Religion (Only sections titled "Introduction to Ethics")1
RELI 220Comparative Ethics1
RELI 226/ENST 236Environmental Ethics1
RELI 227Bioethics: Issues in Ethics, Medicine, and the Life Sciences1
RELI 229The Ethics of Consumption1

5. Philosophical Foundations of Law

PHIL 246Philosophy of Law1

Highly motivated students may also satisfy this requirement with an appropriate independent study with any member of the faculty who teaches courses in categories 1 to 4. The student must submit a written proposal with the sponsoring faculty member’s endorsement to the legal studies coordinator. Registration for an independent study in legal studies uses the following course abbreviation.

IDPT 320 Interdepartmental Independent Studies


Coordinator: Jeffrey S. Turner