Foundation Seminar (FOUN)

Each first-year student at the university enrolls in a small, writing-intensive seminar of about 16 students in the fall semester. Foundation seminars (FOUN or RESC) are offered by many different faculty and focus on a wide variety of subjects. Seminars with the RESC designation are linked to a residential college, a living-learning community. For more information, see

Whatever the topics, they are designed to cultivate the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary for students to benefit maximally from a Bucknell University education and to negotiate the complexities of the modern world. The seminars stress active, independent and engaged learning, and development of skills students need to engage in intellectual endeavors at Bucknell and beyond. All foundation seminars are writing-intensive (W1) courses. For more information, see Writing Program.


FOUN 098. Foundation Seminar. 1 Credit.

Offered Both Fall and Spring; Lecture hours:3
A small writing-intensive first-year seminar. Also see RESC 098.