Peace & Conflict Studies Minor

Peace & Conflict Studies explores the causes and nature of human conflict from the interpersonal to the global level. A partial list of topics under Peace & Conflict Studies includes: violence, war, ethnic conflict, conflict management, conflict resolution, peacemaking, law, human rights, values, justice, environment, racism, sexism and nonviolence. The goal of Peace & Conflict Studies is to promote a more just and peaceful world through the concept of “positive peace” promoting social, political and economic justice.

The Peace & Conflict Studies minor allows students to group courses that advance their interest in topics such as conflict, violence, genocide, ethnocide, gender-based violence, racism and anti-racism, and struggles for peace with justice. A Peace & Conflict Studies minor will enrich students’ understanding of their respective major(s) and prove useful to students in graduate studies and/or future careers.

The Peace & Conflict Studies minor consists of five courses. No more than two courses may be taken in the same department/program. Students may not count courses from their major department(s) toward the minor.

Independent studies and study-abroad courses will also be considered for the minor. Contact the chair of the minor Coordinating Committee for more information.

ANTH 109Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (with Clare Sammells)1
ANTH 243Violence and Politics in Southeast Asia1
ANTH 266Money, Markets and Magic1
HIST 200The Historians' Craft ("Revolution! A Global History")1
HIST 224Eighteenth-century North America1
HIST 285The Middle East in Global Perspective1
HIST 311U.S. History since 1865 ("Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism")1
HIST 33320th Century Germany 1
IREL 217Environment Conflict and Security (with Emma Banks)1
IREL 218International Relations of Europe1
IREL 229Middle East Conflict and Revolution1
IREL 255International Law1
IREL 275Global Governance1
LAMS 150Latin America: An Introduction1
MORS 231Organizational Response to Global Crises1
POLS 278International Law1
POLS 280War (with Courtney Burns)1
POLS 284International Relations of Europe1
POLS 290Topics in Politics ("Military and Politics")1
POLS 353Comparative Ethnic Politics (with Soundarya Chidambaram)1
RELI 200Buddhism1
SOCI 234Criminology (with Karen Altendorf)1
SOCI 243Sociology of Race and Ethnicity1
SOCI 251Violence and Society (with Karen Altendorf)1
WMST 150Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (with Coralynn Davis or Erica Delsandro)1


Coordinator: Janet T. Knoedler

Coordinating Committee: Janet T. Knoedler (Economics), Clare Sammells (Sociology & Anthropology), Ron J. Smith (International Relations)