Arts Leadership Minor


The arts leadership minor is designed to impart a practical and theoretical foundation in the professions of the arts for students who wish (a) to broadly understand and engage the arts and cultural industry, and (b) to pursue professional careers in arts and nonprofit management as arts producers, practitioners and patrons, or in other related and commercial ventures. Arts leadership students learn how arts professionals plan, develop, execute and sustain commercial and nonprofit endeavors in the arts.

Drawing on Bucknell’s rich arts resources and professional arts centers, the program offers an overview of the skills necessary for building careers in the visual, performing, media and literary arts, and the challenges and rewards of working in the burgeoning arts and culture sector. The minor is intended broadly for students from any major whose career trajectories may intersect with the arts, and more particularly as a supplement to traditional arts majors. The arts leadership minor illustrates a strong commitment to interdisciplinarity at Bucknell, incorporating historical, theoretical and applied objectives, and including coursework and experiential opportunities in Bucknell’s arts and cultural setting.


The arts leadership minor is coordinated by the Bucknell Arts Council. Inquiries can be directed to the UNIV 199 Arts Leadership instructor or the University arts coordinator.


The minor consists of five courses, as follows (4.5–5 credits):

I. Course in the Arts (one or two courses)

Any course in the departments of theatre & dance, music, film/media studies, creative writing or art.  Arts majors must take course(s) outside their home department.

II. MGMT 101 Introduction to Organization and Management

Freeman College of Management students take an additional course in the arts (Category I or IV)

III. UNIV 199 Arts Leadership

This course is taught according to a common syllabus foregrounding campus arts centers, programs and events. Prerequisite: Any class in theatre & dance, music, film/media, English/creative writing or studio art, or with instructor approval. 

IV. Discipline-specific course in professionalization (one or two courses)

ARTH 103Museums, Galleries, Curators: Working with Real Art @ Samek Museum1
ARTH 260Museums and Contemporary Curating1
ENCW 212Literary Arts Administration and Editing1
ENCW 250The Writing World1
ENFS 254Film Exhibition and Programming1
MUSC 350Studies in Music.5-1
THEA 246Scene Design1
THEA 248Theatrical Lighting Design1
THEA 365Independent Studies in Theatre1
Internship or Independent Study, as approved.
Topics in Arts Leadership (rotating topic).


Co-coordinator: Kelly Knox