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ENFS 130. Introduction to Film/Media Studies. 1 Credit.

Offered Either Fall or Spring; Lecture hours:3
Introduction to film grammar, history, genres, and movements using theoretical text and primary source films. Emphasis on critical thinking skills through video essay projects. Weekly screenings.

Film & Media Studies (ENFS)

Film and media have become major cultural forms in the 21 st  century and their study is now an important part of a modern humanities education. The Film/Media Studies major teaches students to critically engage, understand and produce moving images. Courses challenge students to think historically, theoretically and analytically about a wide range of audiovisual media including cinema, radio, television and new media. The Film/Media Studies major also encourages students to apply their knowledge by producing creative work in media production courses. Film/Media Studies is partnered with Lewisburg’s Campus Theatre for classroom screenings and also uses the Marts Film/Media Production Studio for production classes.