Jewish Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Jewish Studies consists of five courses from the lists below, comprising primarily "core" courses or "topics" courses in Jewish Studies with no more than one "secondary" course.

Core Courses

(The primary focus of which is Judaism.)

ENLS 268Jewish-American Literature and Film1
GRMN 274Holocaust Literature1
GRMN 276German Jewish Identities1
HEBR 101Beginning Modern Hebrew1
HEBR 102Beginning Modern Hebrew II1
HEBR 103Intermediate Hebrew I1
HEBR 104Intermediate Hebrew II1
HEBR/UNIV 236Israel: Literature, Film, Culture1
HEBR 250Jews and the City: Literature and Film1
HEBR 251/UNIV 263The Jewish Uprooted1
HEBR 252/UNIV 262The Modern Jewish Experience in Lit&Film1
HEBR/UNIV 292After the Holocaust: Israel & United States1
PHIL 270Jewish Philosophy1
RELI 205Hebrew1
RELI 207Holocaust: Event and Reception1
RELI 209Israel: Land, People, and Tradition1
RELI 210Judaism1
RELI/WMST 211Women In Judaism1
RELI 222Images of Jerusalem1
RELI 237Judaism in Film1
RELI 276Judaism and Masculinity1
RELI 279Judaism and Law1
RELI 305The Male Body in Judaism1
RELI 306Messianism and Madness1
RELI 307Post-biblical Literature1
RELI 318Jewish Thought1
RELI 321Introduction to Jewish Law1

Secondary Courses

(The focus of which includes Judaism.)

ARTH 221Visual Cultures of the Mediterranean 1 - 1000 CE1
CLAS 218Roman History1
PHIL 206Medieval Philosophy1

Topics Courses

(When the focus of the course includes Judaism and the course has the approval of the Board of the Interdisciplinary Minor in Jewish Studies.)

ENLS 216Studies in American Literary Genres (only when taught as Jewish American Comedy)1
GRMN 393Advanced Seminar in Selected Cultural Topics1
HEBR/HUMN 215Hebrew Bible and Modern Literature1
HIST 245Topics in German History1
HIST 247Topics in European History1
PHIL 309Seminar in Historical Studies: Individual Philosophers1
RELI 223History Western Religious Thought1
RELI 228Religions in the Modern World1
RELI 315Topics in American Religion1
RELI 325Major Religious Thinkers1
RELI 326Major Religious Movements1
UNIV 200Integrated Perspectives Course1


Coordinator: Or Rogovin