African Studies Minor

The interdepartmental African Studies minor gives an understanding of Africa’s rich heritage, diversity and role in the world today, and contributes an international focus to a liberal arts education. It consists of five courses chosen from the list below. Students must take at least three core courses, and they may choose any two other courses from the list below. If possible, at least one course should be related to the student’s major. In consultation with the coordinators of the minor, students may include an Africa-related course from the African-American or Caribbean Studies list. In general, there are no prerequisites for the courses on the African Studies minor list.

Core Courses:

ANTH/IREL 235/UNIV 200Modern Africa1
ANTH 329Religions in Africa: Spirits, Saints, and Sufis1
ECON 224African Political Economy1
ECON 235African Economic Development1
ECON/MGMT/PSYC 270South Africa: Social Entrepreneurship1
FOUN 098Foundation Seminar (South Africa Apartheid and After)1
FREN 336Francophone Africa1
HIST 291African History I1
HIST 292African History II1

Other African Studies Courses:

ANTH 305Womb to Tomb: Culture and the Life Course1
GEOG 236Third World Development1
HIST 290Europe Imperialism and Colonialism1
SOCI 213Race in Historical and Comparative Perspectives1
SOCI 310The Sociology of Developing Societies1

Courses taken in summer or in semester-long or year-long programs in Africa may count toward the minor.


Co-Coordinator: Michelle C. Johnson, Geoffrey E. Schneider