University Scholars Programs

Global Engineering Perspectives Scholars Program (GEPS)

The Global Engineering Perspectives Scholars Program offers students the opportunity to benefit from Bucknell’s liberal arts environment and strong culture of study abroad programs. This scholars program exists to encourage students to engage in coursework and experiences that cultivate intercultural competency and to recognize the students who do. Students who satisfy the requirements will have "Global Engineering Perspectives Scholar" added to their transcript. The requirements are: (a) demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language (200+ FL course or equivalent), (b) participation in an abroad experience, (c) completion of a minimum of three courses designated as GBCC (Global Connections) and/or CCFL (Foreign Language), (d) completion of a minimum of three engineering credits, and (e) submission of a reflective impact statement and application by the last day of February of your graduation year. If you have an interest in studying abroad and/or studying a foreign language, this is a great opportunity!

Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP)

The world faces complex challenges related to social access, energy and environmental sustainability, health and security. The Grand Challenges Scholars Program at Bucknell invites students to experience engineering as a sociotechnical endeavor – a profession that exists in a societal context. Through global, entrepreneurial, service and research activities, students will experience how engineering unfolds in society. They are encouraged to bring their intersectional identities and reflect on how they contribute to proposed engineering solutions. Through the program activities, they will also learn the importance of considering social, political and historical factors to define a problem or offer a solution. Grand Challenges Scholars who complete the program join a prestigious network of scholars from other institutions of higher learning. For more details on this program, please visit