Global & Off-campus Education

The Office of Global & Off-campus Education (OGOE) facilitates first-rate off-campus study opportunities that accommodate a range of disciplines throughout diverse regions of the world. The office works with students and faculty to identify and promote programs that support Bucknell University’s educational goals, combine outstanding academic coursework and experiential learning in a safe and supportive environment, and integrate into the students’ undergraduate plans of study to the fullest extent possible. Through this, the office strives to enhance students’ cross-cultural competency through global programs that facilitate a deep understanding of the cultural, social, political, and historical conditions of the host country while highlighting the students’ unique positions as responsible actors in a global context.

The staff of the Office of Global & Off-campus Education (OGOE) advise and assist undergraduate students to incorporate an off-campus study experience into their academic work. Bucknell University offers yearlong, semester, and summer off-campus study opportunities through our Bucknell faculty-led programs, global education partners, and university exchange programs.

Eligibility Requirements for Semester and Full Year Students:

• Complete the Intent to Study Abroad Registration: Pre-Application (Intent Policy);
• Have completed the full semester on campus before your off-campus term;
• Have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 (fall) or 3.0 (spring);
• Be a first semester sophomore, junior, or first semester senior* while off campus.
• Have a history of good conduct with the University. All conduct and alcohol violations will be evaluated by the Office of Global and Off-campus Education.
• Students who do not meet the GPA requirements for off-campus study may consider studying off campus during the summer