Bucknell en España

Bucknell en España offers a high quality academic and residential experience for Bucknell students who want to complete overseas study in Spain. Students choose from a wide variety of curricular options at the Universidad de Granada’s Centro de Lenguas Modernas to advance their major or minor studies in Spanish or to complement other programs of study at Bucknell. Very advanced students may enroll directly in selected courses at the Universidad de Granada. A Bucknell faculty member, normally from the Department of Spanish, serves as faculty-in-residence and teaches a required course (SPAN 245) that deals with some aspect of Iberian culture related to the professor’s area of expertise. This course includes several excursions to relevant cultural sites throughout Spain. Students’ immersion in the culture is facilitated by their residence with carefully selected Spanish families. Students are encouraged to participate in additional immersion activities provided by Bucknell en España and by the Centro de Lenguas Modernas to enhance their interaction with the Spanish-speaking community.

The program is centered in Granada, an Andalusian city of approximately 250,000 inhabitants, located at the foot of the perennially snowcapped Sierra Nevada mountains, one hour from the Mediterranean Costa del Sol. The Universidad de Granada is one of Spain’s most prestigious universities and its Centro de Lenguas Modernas (CLM) is recognized as a leader in the area of Spanish and Hispanic Studies for non-native speakers. The Bucknell en España program is open to all Bucknell students in good standing who have completed SPAN 207 Toward Advanced Spanish or its approved equivalent. Upon arrival in Spain, students engage in intensive language instruction to enhance their preparedness for their program of study.

Students who have completed at least six semesters of language study at Bucknell (SPAN 208 Advanced Conversation and Composition) often enroll in the advanced track, Estudios Hispánicos at the CLM, which includes courses in anthropology, art history, Spanish and Latin American cultures, dance, economics, geography, history, language and linguistics, literature and film, management, music, political science, sociology, translation, women’s studies, and in the spring semester, health and environmental studies.

Many students who have completed only four or five semesters of Spanish, or the equivalent, typically enroll in the track, Lengua y Cultura Española, which offers a slightly smaller selection of courses in anthropology, art history, Spanish and Latin American cultures, dance, economics, geography, history, language and linguistics, literature, management, political science, and sociology. Very advanced students may request to register for one regular university course offered by the Universidad de Granada.

For students’ coursework from the Centro de Lenguas Modernas or the Universidad de Granada to count toward their major at Bucknell, it must be approved by the department chair or program director of the major.