Summer Opportunities

In addition to semester and full-year programs, Bucknell University students may participate in Bucknell in Summer Programs led by Bucknell University faculty, or summer programs offered by third-party providers. Each summer, numerous Bucknell in Summer Programs are offered in various locations. Students interested in Bucknell in Summer Programs should contact the appropriate faculty directors before submitting an application. Students applying to programs offered by third parties must schedule an appointment with the Office of Global & Off-campus Education (OGOE) to discuss possible program options.

Summer study abroad is open to all students regardless of class status. Eligibility requirements and application deadlines will differ for each program, but all students who plan to study abroad in the summer must have a history of good conduct. Students taking part in summer programs will be responsible for tuition and all other expenses.

For additional information, please contact the appropriate Bucknell in Program director or appropriate staff member in the Office of Global & Off-campus Education (OGOE).