Summer Session

Bucknell University provides a six-week summer session offering regular full-credit Bucknell courses and off-campus study courses. The summer session serves both undergraduate and graduate students who choose to take summer courses to enrich their educational experience or to accelerate their degree progress at Bucknell or elsewhere.

Bucknell’s summer session offers courses across the curriculum. Students who are working toward degrees or certification are advised to consult with their advisers to determine which summer courses most appropriately meet their needs. Students also are encouraged to explore new interests and to develop new skills and areas of expertise that will serve them well in any career path or interest pursuit. One of Bucknell’s goals is to provide the means for fostering the growth and development of a lifelong commitment to learning.

College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences offers courses across its divisions: in the arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and mathematics. Courses are available at introductory and advanced levels. Many departments also will arrange independent study courses.

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering also offers a number of regular courses, including at least one general course in engineering science. Courses in independent projects and special problems can be arranged in all departments of the college: chemical, civil and environmental, electrical, and mechanical. Students with specific needs for work in engineering during the summer should consult with their advisers or chairs of the appropriate departments.

Independent Study

Most departments in all three colleges offer independent study or special project courses that permit students, in consultation with members of the faculty, to develop a course of study tailored to their individual needs. Arrangements for such courses should be made as early as possible to ensure that a faculty member willing to direct the student’s study will be available during the summer.