Bucknell in London

Bucknell in London is offered in the fall and spring, and is open to qualified juniors and seniors. Second semester sophomores may also apply with special permission from the appropriate dean. In both the spring and fall, all courses are designed to take full advantage of the program’s British location, offering day and overnight field trips to sites in London and outside of London. All courses receive Bucknell University grades and credit. Students are housed in flats in central London.

The fall program is directed by two Bucknell faculty who develop a program of courses around a theme based on the London setting and on their own fields of expertise. Recent programs have combined, for example, sociology and biology, economics and engineering, and English and geography. There is a required core course taught jointly by the two directors, plus an additional four or five courses from which to choose, some taught by British faculty.

The spring program is directed by a member of the Bucknell faculty, who teaches a course in their field and supervises a broader program of courses taught by British faculty. These generally include a mix of courses in the social sciences and humanities, such as History of London, The London Stage, British Art & Architecture, and courses in political science, economics, and/or literature.