Bucknell in Ghana

Bucknell in Ghana (BiG) is the Bucknell University faculty-led semester program in Africa. Hosted by the Africana Studies Program, BiG is offered in the spring semester each year. Bucknell faculty teach a course with an African theme at the University of Cape Coast. While in Ghana, students take the core Bucknell faculty-taught course and four other courses from the University of Cape Coast. Students in the program also have the opportunity for weekend home visits and specially planned field trips to enable them to engage and understand the African culture in Ghana.

The University of Cape Coast is a comprehensive university with both undergraduate and graduate programs. Most students will find courses that satisfy their Bucknell major/minor requirements while on this program. Bucknell in Ghana is open to and appropriate for qualified juniors and seniors of all majors. Second semester sophomores may also apply with special permission from the appropriate dean.

Students reside in University of Cape Coast international student housing. They have the opportunity to participate in other academic/social activities with Ghanaian and international students from various countries. Ghana is known for its hospitable cultural environment, which makes this experience very memorable for students.

All credits earned in this program transfer to fulfill Bucknell requirements, but only the Bucknell faculty-taught course will receive Bucknell University grades.