Athletics and Recreation

Director, John P. Hardt, J.D.
Deputy Director, Timothy N. Pavlechko, M.S.
Coordinator of Fitness and Conditioning, Jerry L. Shreck, B.A.
Fitness and Strength Trainer, Colleen Looney, M.S.
Strength and Conditioning Assistant, John Field, M.S.  
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Cody Miller, B.S.
Senior Associate Director/Senior Woman Administrator, Maisha Kelly, M.Ed.
Senior Associate Director for External Affairs and Bison Club, Todd A. Newcomb, B.A. 
Director of Athletics Development, Thomas Harvey, M.S.
Manager of Athletics Development, Kyle Smith, M.Ed.
Manager of Athletics Development, to be named
Associate Director for Athletic Communications, Jonathan M. Terry, B.A.
Associate Director of Athletic Communications, to be named
Assistant Director Athletic Communications, Mathew Jackson, B.A.
Athletic Communications Assistant, Matthew Torres, M.A.
Radio and TV Coordinator and Marketing Specialist, Douglas Birdsong, B.A.  
Associate Director for Business and Team Services, Terrie Grieb, B.S.
Associate Director for Compliance and Student Services, Daniel Isaf, J.D.
Coordinator of Compliance, Annamarie Ammen, J.D. 
Associate Director for Facilities and Operations, Chad Mason, M.B.A.
Assistant Director for Events, Ajaynue Kizekai, M.S.
Assistant Director - Coordinator of Aquatics, Pam Armold, M.S. 
Associate Director for Leadership Development, Lauren C. Wicklund, M.Ed.
Associate Director for Recreation Services, Karen Landis, M.S.
Assistant Director for Recreation Services, Jarrin Campman, M.S.
Program Coordinator Late Night KLARC/Special Events, to be named
Head Men's Club-Varsity Crew Coach, Dan Wolleben, B.A.
Assistant Men's Club-Varsity Crew Coach, Kyle Dowd, M.Ed.  
Associate Director for Sports Medicine, Ian Wood, M.S.
Associate Athletic Trainer, Kristin Klinger, M.A.
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Brendan Abbey, M.S.  
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Kaiti Hager, M.S.
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Emily Madrak, M.S.
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Aya Morioka, M.S.
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Courey Schaetzle, M.S.
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Diane Boyce, M.S.
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Fafa Tsikata, B.S.
Athletic Training Clinical Assistant, Cheri Orndorf, M.Ed.

Head Baseball Coach, Scott Heather, B.S.
Assistant Baseball Coach, Jason Neitz, B.S.
Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Nathan Davis, B.A.
Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Paul Harrison, J.D.
Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, John Griffin, B.A.
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, Joe Meehan, B.A.
Manager Men's Basketball Operations, Johnathan Brown, B. A.
Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Aaron Rousell, M.A.
Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach, Mike Lane, B.B.A.
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, Carissa Nord, M.S.    
Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach, Martina Wood, M.A.
Manager Women's Basketball Operations, Lindsey Burke, M.B.A.
Head Cross Country and Track Coach, Kevin M. Donner, B.S.
Assistant Cross Country and Track Coach, Richard Alexander, M.B.A.
Assistant Cross Country and Track Coach, Bryan Delsite, B.S.
Assistant Cross Country and Track Coach, Daniel Frake, M.S.
Assistant Cross Country and Track Coach, Amy Mantush, M.S.
Head Field Hockey Coach, Jeremy Cook, B.S
Assistant Field Hockey Coach, Hannah Allison, B.S.
Assistant Field Hockey Coach, Samantha Carlino, B.S.
Head Football Coach, Joseph Susan Jr., M.S.
Assistant Football Coach, Matthew Borich, B.A.
Assistant Football Coach, to be named
Assistant Football Coach, to be named
Assistant Football Coach, Steven King, M.A., M.B.A.
Assistant Football Coach, to be named
Assistant Football Coach, Mike O’Connor, B.A.
Assistant Football Coach, Darnell Stapleton, B.A.
Assistant Football Coach, Eric Wicks, B.S.
Director of Football Operations, Tim Wait, B.S.
Head Men's Golf Coach, Michael Binney, M.A.
Head Women’s Golf Coach, Lisa Francisco, B.S.
Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach, Frank Fedorjaka, M.S.
Associate Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach, Joe Conner, M.B.A.
Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach, Brian Small, B.S.
Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach, Randall Swope, B.S.
Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach, Jenna Petrucelli, B.S.
Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach, Taylor Pennell, B.S.
Head Women’s Rowing Coach, Stephen R. Kish, B.A.
Assistant Women's Rowing Coach, Peter Morgan, M.F.A.
Assistant Women's Rowing Coach, Abby Klicker, B.A.
Assistant Women's Rowing Coach, Mari Sundbo, B.S.
Head Men’s Soccer Coach, Brendan Nash, M.Ed.
Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach, Ross Liberati, M.B.A.
Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Kelly Cook, M.Ed.
Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach, David Madsen, M.S.
Assistant Women's Soccer Coach, Leigh Howard, M.A.
Head Women’s Softball Coach, Courtnay Foster, B.A.
Assistant Softball Coach, Marissa Myers, B.S.
Assistant Softball Coach, to be named
Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach, Daniel Schinnerer, B.A.
Assistant Men's and Women's Swimming Coach, to be named
Assistant Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach, Kristine Mann, B.A.
Assistant Diving Coach, Errol Carter, B.S.
Head Men's Tennis Coach, Bruce Myers, B.A.
Head Women’s Tennis Coach/Coordinator of Tennis, Rebecca Ann Helt, B.A.
Head Volleyball Coach, Anna Allison, B.S.                      
Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach, Kelly Bonja, M.S.
Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach, Michael Hobson, B.S.
Head Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Coach, John McBride, B.A.
Assistant Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Coach, Hannah Sunday, B.A.
Head Wrestling Coach, Daniel Wirnsberger, B.S.
Assistant Wrestling Coach, James Gibson, M.S.
Assistant Wrestling Coach, Kevin LeValley, M.Ed.