Chief Communications Officer, Andy Hirsch, B.S.

Senior Associate Director of Digital Communications, Ryan LeBreton, B.A.

Director of Content Strategy, to be named

Director of Media Relations & University Marketing, to be named

Editor, Bucknell Magazine, Sherri Kimmel, M.A.

Communications Manager, Matthew Beltz, M.S.

Assistant Director of Video & New Media Production, Colin Bridges, M.F.A.

Associate Director of Video & New Media Production, Steve Gibson

Assistant Director of Digital Communications, Karen Holstead, B.A.

Assistant Director of Communications, Matthew Hughes, M.A.

Associate Director of Social & Visual Communications, Heather Johns, B.A.

Assistant Director of Communications, Paula Cogan Myers, M.Ed.

Video Production Specialist, Daniel Nienhuis, M.A.

Web Support Assistant, Ellen Robinson, M.S.

Communications Photographer, Emily Paine, B.F.A.

Web Support Specialist, Jesse Turri, B.S.

Associate Director of Communications, Christina Masciere Wallace, B.A.

Web Support Specialist, Stephanie Zettlemoyer, A.A.S.

Publications, Print and Mail

Director of Operations and Special Projects, Lisa D. Hoover, A.S.B., B.A.

Associate Director of PP&M, Thomas Lydon, B.A.

Assistant Director of Graphic Design, Sharon M. Campbell

Graphic Designer, Adrienne L. Beaver, A.A.S.

Graphic Designer, Josie Fertig, B.F.A.

Graphic Designer, Donna L. Glass, B.F.A.

Graphic Designer, Debbie A. Hirsch, A.A.I.