Provost, Barbara K. Altmann, Ph.D.
Associate Provost, Registrar, Dean of Graduate Studies and Summer Session, Robert McKinley Midkiff Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Provost, Karen M. Morin, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Provost for Diversity, Atiya Stokes-Brown
Director of Business Operations, Pamela A. Benfer, M.B.A.
Director of the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender, Susan Reed, Ph.D.
Director of the Office of Accessibility Resources, Heather L. Fowler, M.A., LPC
Director of the Office of Undergraduate Fellowships & Research, Margaret H. Marr, J.D.
Assistant Registrar for Academic Scheduling, Vincent A. Pellegrini, B.A.

Academic Affairs

College of Arts and Sciences

Interim Dean, Karl Voss, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Arts and Humanities, Karline McLain, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Karen J. Castle, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Social Sciences, Linden Forbes Lewis, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, M. Lynn Breyfogle, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Richard Robbins, Ph.D.
Operations Manager, Nicole L. Persun, B.S.B.A.

College of Engineering

Dean, Patrick T. Mather, Ph.D.
Associate Dean and Executive Director, Engineering Success Alliance, Karen T. Marosi, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Ronald D. Ziemian, Ph.D., P.E.
Engineering Operations Administrator, Lois A. Engle, A.A.S.
Director, Engineering Success Alliance, Jason B. Milner, M.S.
Director, Small Business Development Center, Steven Stumbris, B.S.

College of Management

Interim Dean, Michael E. Johnson-Cramer, D.B.A.
Assistant Dean, Ivy R. Kepner, B.A.
Associate Dean of Faculty, to be named

Center for Civic Engagement

Director of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning, Janice R. Butler, M.S.
Assistant Director, Community Service, Lynn Pierson, M.A.
Assistant Director, Service-Learning, Kyle Bray, M.P.A.

Graduate Studies

Dean, Robert McKinley Midkiff Jr., Ph.D.

Global and Off-campus Education

Director, Stephen K. Appiah-Padi, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Jennifer E. Fritz, M.P.A.
Operations Manager, Julie Rowe, M.P.S.
Global Education Adviser, Marguerite Santorine, B.A.
Global Education Adviser, Anita Casper, M.I.A.
Global Education Adviser, M. Trace Coats, M.A.

Institutional Research and Planning

Assistant Provost for Institutional Research & Assessment, Kevork Horissian, M.A., M.B.A.
Assistant Director of Institutional Research, Xiaoyan Liu, Ph.D.
Assessment Coordinator, Agnes Jasinska, Ph.D.
Reports Coordinator/Analyst, Laura Winger, M.S.

Registrar’s Office

Registrar, Robert McKinley Midkiff Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Registrar, Timothy Kräcker, M.A.
Associate Registrar, Melissa A. Weber, M.S.
Assistant Registrar for Degree Audit, April M. Dills, B.S.

Residential Colleges

Program Coordinator, Kelly R. Finley, M.A.

Samek Art Museum

Director, Richard Rinehart, M.A.
Preparator and Operations Coordinator, Andy Gabrysiak, B.F.A.
Public Programs and Outreach Manager, Gregory Stuart, M.A.
Registrar, Erin Bradford, M.A.

Sponsored Projects

Executive Director, Robert Gutierrez, M.Sc.
Associate Director, Brenda S. Thomas, B.A.

Stadler Center for Poetry

Director, Shara McCallum, Ph.D.
Director, Bucknell Seminar for Younger Poets, Katie Hays, M.F.A.
Program Manager, Andrew Ciotola, M.A.

Summer Session

Dean, Robert McKinley Midkiff Jr., Ph.D.

University Press

Director, Greg Clingham, Ph.D.
Managing Editor, Pam Dailey, M.A.

Weis Center for the Performing Arts

Executive Director, Kathryn Maguet, M.A.
Marketing and Outreach Director, Lisa Leighton, B.A.
Artist Liaison, Rachel Martine, B.A.
Assistant Director of Operations, Johanna Kodlick, B.M.
Technical Director/Audio Engineer, Nate Hart, B.S.
Technical Director/Lighting Supervisor, Kalen Sowul, A.S.
Campus Box Office Manager, Jamie L. Brouse, A.A.
Campus Box Office Assistant Manager, Greg Marconi, B.S.

Writing Center

Writing Center Director/Writing and Teaching Consultant, Deirdre O’Connor, M.F.A.
Writing Program Director, Abe Feuerstein, Ph.D.
Writing and Teaching Consultant, Margaret Cronin, M.A.
Writing and Teaching Consultant, Loren Gustafson, Ph.D.
Writing and Teaching Consultant, Sabrina Kirby, M.A.
Writing Consultant, Megan Mulligan, M.A.

Student Affairs

Dean of Students, Amy A. Badal, Ph.D.

Campus Activities and Programs

Associate Dean of Students, Kari Conrad, M.A.
Director of Campus Activities and Programs, Michael Duignan, M.S.
Director Campus Activities and Student Media, Brent Papson, M.Ed.
Assistant Director Campus Activities and Programs, Alexandra Federico, M.S.
Director of Outdoor Education and Leadership, Anthony Stafford, M.S.

On Campus and Off Campus Housing Services

Associate Dean of Students, Daniel C. Remley, M.S.
Director, Stephen J. Apanel, M.A.
Director of Card Services and Student Transit, Glenn R. Fisher, B.S.

Diversity and Inclusion

Associate Dean of Students for Diversity, Denelle Brown, M.Ed.
Director of International Student Services, Jennifer Figueroa, M.Ed.
Director of Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Trans*/Queer Resources, William McCoy, M.A.
Director of Multicultural Student Services, Rosalie Rodriguez, M.A.
Director of Women's Resource Center, Kelsey Hicks, M.Ed.

Chaplains and Religious Life

University Chaplain, John P. Colatch, D.Min.
Chaplain to the Jewish Community, Chana Leslie Glazer, M.A.
Chaplain to the Catholic Community, Bernard Wamayose, B.A.
Assistant Catholic Campus Minister, Suzanne M. Domzalski, M.Ed.

Health, Wellness, & Safety

Associate Dean of Students for Health, Wellness, & Safety, Laura Pantano, M.S.
Assistant Dean of Students for Student Conduct, Lewis A. Marrara II, M.Ed.
Director for Counseling and Student Development Center, Kelly Kettlewell, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Counseling and Student Development Center, Marina Shafran, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist, Eric H. Affsprung, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist, Isaac Brandt, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist, Christopher Connacher, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist, Shallary F. Simmons Duncan, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist and Alcohol and Other Drug Specialist, Paul Rizzo, Psy.D.
Staff Psychologist, Kelly Shaw, Psy.D.
Medical Director for Bucknell Student Health, Catherine O’Neil, M.D.
Staff Physician, Roseline R. Reed, M.D.
Physician Assistant, Kevin R. Robatin, PA-C
Physician Assistant, Molly E. Warnick, PA-C
Operations Manager for Bucknell Student Health, Jacqueline M. Miller, R.N.C.
Nutrition Specialist, Tanya Williams MS, CSSD, RDN, LDN

Community and Leadership

Director of New Student Orientation and Student Leadership Program, to be named
Director of Residential Education, Jacqueline Cetera, M.A.
Community Director, Darrell R. Johnson, M.A.
Community Director, Natalie Liston, M.S.
Community Director, Andrea Riebel, M.S.
Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Matt Ferguson, M.S.
Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Mary Klebon, M.Ed.
Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Ashley Rastetter, M.Ed.

Title IX Coordinator & Clery Act Compliance Officer, Kathleen Grimes, J.D.

Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator, Rachel Stewart, M.A.