Marketing & Communications

Vice President for Marketing & Communications, Heather Johns P’27, B.A.
Associate Director of Design, Adrienne L. Beaver, A.A.S.
Digital Marketing Strategist, Stevie Blyler, B.A.
Director of Media Relations, Mike Ferlazzo, B.S.
Web Developer, Richard Ford
Graphic Designer, Donna L. Glass, B.F.A.
Graphic Designer, Debbie A. Hirsch, A.A.I.
Senior Associate Director of Content Strategy, Matt Hughes, M.A.
Senior Writer, Matthew Jones, M.F.A.
Director of Marketing Strategy, Brandy Kift, B.A.
Director of Publications, Print & Mail, Thomas Lydon, B.A.
Associate Director of Marketing Strategy, Leah Mallett, B.A.
Social Media Manager, Kira McNally, B.A.
Associate Director, Editorial Content Strategy, Katie Neitz, M.S.
Senior Communications Photographer & Photography Editor for Bucknell Magazine, Emily Paine, B.F.A.
Associate Director, Marketing Technology & Digital Communications, Shawn Preisz, A.A.S.
Front-End Developer, Tristan Scott, B.S.
Senior Video Production Specialist, Justin Sucre, M.F.A.
Senior Writer, Admissions Communications, Brooke Thames, M.S.
Director of Executive & Internal Communications, Christina Masciere Wallace P’22, B.A.
Advancement Writer, Katie Williard, B.A.
Associate Director, Visual Strategy, Barbara Wise, A.S.T.
Content Support Specialist, Stephanie Zettlemoyer, A.A.S.