Chief Communications Officer, Andy Hirsch, B.S.
Director of Content Strategy, Heather Johns, B.A.
Director of Media Relations, Mike Ferlazzo, B.S.
Editor, Bucknell Magazine, Sherri Kimmel, M.A.
Senior Associate Director of Digital Communications, Ryan LeBreton, B.A.
Associate Director of Communications, Christina Masciere Wallace, B.A.
Assistant Director of Digital Communications, Karen Holstead, B.A.
Assistant Director of Communications, Matthew Hughes, M.A.
Senior Writer for Admissions Communications, Lauren Liebowitz, M.F.A.
Video Production Specialist, Tyler Beaver, B.A.
Video Production Specialist, Jessica Paholsky, B.A.
Communications Photographer, Emily Paine, B.F.A.
Web Support Assistant, Ellen Robinson, M.S.
Web Support Specialist, Jesse Turri, B.S.
Web Support Specialist, Stephanie Zettlemoyer, A.A.S.

Publications, Print & Mail

Director of Operations & Special Projects, Lisa D. Scott, A.S.B., B.A.
Associate Director of PP&M, Thomas Lydon, B.A.
Graphic Designer, Adrienne L. Beaver, A.A.S.
Graphic Designer, Josie Fertig, B.F.A.
Graphic Designer, Donna L. Glass, B.F.A.
Graphic Designer, Debbie A. Hirsch, A.A.I.